Initially, the 50-year-old man tried to meet in Bottrop, a man with the car. “Then the food coming drivers with his silver-colored Mercedes moved more in the direction of the Bottrop city center. At the Berlin court, he went again to a group of people. Here, at least four people, including Syrian and Afghan nationals were injured, some seriously”, reported to the police.

he Then fled to eat. There he tried to drive into a group of people at a bus stop.”It resembled a man-hunt,” citing the “image”-newspaper, a police officer.

Already at the time of his arrest, the driver said with xenophobic remarks. The investigating authorities are currently looking at a targeted attack that may be due to the xenophobic attitude of the driver. In addition, first information about a mental illness of the man in front of the investigating authorities.

The FOCUS of Online/non-stop news mass brawl involving 50 Participants: use hundred in a Cologne high-rise estate pk


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