in addition to a rise in meat consumption, have also made the re-opening of a previously spent slaughterhouse in Lohne noticeable, as well as increased sales abroad. The investments rose of 191.3 million euros to 232.5 million euros, the number of employees increased from 6772 to 6979. PHW poultry meat market leader in Germany. The company currently slaughters approximately 4.5 million animals per week in Germany. Until the end of 2019 3.6 million animals per week, to get programs from so-called animal welfare.

Since last year, Wiesenhof has also expanded its range of meat-free foods. So PHW developed strategic partnerships with an Israeli Start-up, the meat from the Petri dish, with the American company Beyond Meat, Good Catch Foods, as well as the canadian company Enterra Feed Corporation, which manufactures pet food on the Basis of insects.

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