Only a few seconds after midnight, in the Thüringen-Kliniken in Saalfeld in the new year to have a Baby night been born. With that, it should have a good chance to be the first in 2019 in Thuringia-born child. Its from Rudolstadt parents, your new year’s baby, gave it the name of Enzo, such as the municipal clinic company announced on Tuesday on its Website.

Also in a hurry Nils had it: The Boy was in the Helios clinic in Erfurt, about 30 seconds after midnight to the world how the clinic announced also on Tuesday. It was the second child of parents from Bad Langensalza.

in 2018, 885 children – 463 boys and 422 girls were born – at clinic location in Saalfeld, as it was called there. In the Kreißsälen of the Helios clinic in Erfurt, there were according to official figures, 1762 children, including 884 girls and 878 boys.



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