can, However, gain Bernd Rudolph as a circle officer for fungal enlightenment, which is also a good side: “there were also hardly dangerous poisonous mushrooms, there is no case of Poisoning for 2018,” he said on Friday, according to the notification of the district office Saalfeld-Rudolstadt. 288 mushroom discussions, and 360 mushroom rules led by the professionals according to the figures, in the last year – and so few like never before in the 24-year history of the hall fields mushroom Advisory group. In the record year of 1998, the experts had to do about ten times more, namely, 2143 discussions and 4148 provisions. “We all hope that it will be in spite of the extremely dubious weather forecasts for the near future, in the future, better mushroom years,” Rudolph finally, cautiously optimistic.



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