CDU Board member Mike Mohring (47) can be confirmed by the “image”newspaper: “The basic pension, and must be decided this year.” On Wednesday night should be spoken in the coalition Committee again on the subject.

CDU social politician Karl-Josef Laumann had already confirmed in early February in an interview with FOCUS Online, the proposal of salvation was a good basis for discussion, “the differences in its truth only in a single point of our Considerations” in the question of whether they wanted to waive any and all income and asset verification. This had required healing.

Laumann was not at that time at a distance: “So, as a medicinal plant it now, the current revenue to completely hide, even the live-in partner, of course.” Then also the often cliché sought to the dentist’s wife, who is not in need of this support of the state. Women, for example, were employed only part-time, but the men were secured, not, needed this help stressed Laumann.

“test light” features

Here are the parties coming to meet the now apparently half-way. The “image”report to a “test light on the horizon”, with the help of the SPD and the Union could live with.

In this Form of means-testing real estate and other assets such as cars and life insurance would not affect the pension entitlement. Instead, it would only to the actual household income of one pensioner and his spouse.

healing had fleshed out his proposal for the “respect of pension,” last weekend. Small pensions are to be increased accordingly by up to EUR 447 per month.


speaking late On Tuesday evening, resist the healing language of the report. He set in spite of the criticism from the Union on a pension without a means test. “Reports, according to which it is, it will draw up an agreement in the basic pension with reduced means testing, to be unfounded,” said a spokeswoman for the Ministry on Tuesday evening.

The Ministry will submit its draft as announced in the first half of the year, and in the departmental vote. “This will be based on the by the Federal Minister for labour and social Affairs presented model, which contains no means test,.”

FOCUS Online/Wochit cleaning power makes politicians in the ARD Talk shameful question beb


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