From the recent Online attack on politicians and celebrities are also affected top politicians from the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Including Prime Minister Manuela Schwesig (SPD), Minister of the interior Lorenz Caffier (CDU) and member of Parliament from the North-East. As a spokesman of the state Chancellery said on Friday on request, it is examined the scope of the published data. In Schwesigs case, it was well-known office connections, but also to mobile numbers. If the phone numbers are now being replaced by new, will be examined.

On Friday it was reported that Unknown data and documents of hundreds of public figures were published in the network. The Chancellery in Berlin, got according to own statements on Thursday night are aware of the case. All the levels ” – politicians from the Bundestag, the European Parliament and to the country days to the municipalities that were affected,” said Deputy government spokeswoman Martina Fietz in Berlin.

she warned that, it is also fake data could be in the Material introduced. According to the Federal Ministry of the interior, it was both relatively recent as well as older data packets. So also numbers from previous Offices appeared at Schwesig. Of the illegal data members of Parliament from Mecklenburg-goods access in addition to Parliament, some members of the state Parliament in Schwerin, Western Pomerania, according to a Parliament speaker concerned.

among the published data and also Chat in addition to telephone numbers history. Like NDR 1 Radio MV reported, and it was temporarily also the chat history in Facebook Messenger the Left of the Landtag deputies, Peter knight. “Some of this was age-old Facebook entries, which are now of interest to no more. The attack shows once again that you can’t be safe from hackers. The Alternative is the renunciation of the Internet and mobile phones. But I want to none,“ said knight.

Already in November his account had been hacked in apparent political adversaries and with radical right-wing posts fitted, and he had made a criminal complaint.

According to the Parliament’s Director Armin Tebben, there is as yet no evidence to suggest that in the case of the recent incident, sensitive data was distributed by concerned state Parliament members. In addition, it was to be assumed that technical safety have proven systems in the Schwerin Parliament. “A stress test for the authorities, but it is all. We are in close contact with the state office of criminal investigation,“ said Tebben.

The security authorities sought the information according to on Friday, to ensure as quickly as possible to ensure that the data can no longer be retrieved. A Twitter Account has been locked. The spokesman of the Federal interior Ministry said that the Cyber defence centre took over the coordination in this case.

As the country-the Ministry of the interior in the evening, told in Schwerin, according to current knowledge, no specific risk for the Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania-born persons. For a final assessment, however, further investigations have to be awaited. To affected Europe and a member of the Landtag recommendations for action had been sent. You also have a contact with the police for personal Demands.

The personal and confidential data of politicians and Celebrities in the network do not originate according to expert evaluation from a single source. In the data, it was a Potpourri of Material from different Hacks on Mail Accounts, said the Karlsruhe-based IT security expert Christoph Fischer of the dpa. “Someone has apparently tried with a lot of hard work to open e-Mail Accounts.” The first presumption is that a Central Mail Server of the Bundestag was cracked, have not been confirmed. “You can always find something. Because hard work is clearly behind.“

was the target of The attack on Friday is still largely unclear. Also data of Celebrities, such as the moderator Jan böhmermann, were published. In the current case, Fischer believes that the Affected parties have used bad passwords.

The Left-party leaders appreciated the hacking attack as a “Declaration of war” against the democratic parties, also in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. “Anyone who publishes personal data that wants to intimidate and the risk of damage to the Affected. The targeted attack on politicians of democratic parties under the recess of the AfD on the attitude of the authors of this attack close“, – stated in a communication from the Chairman, Wenke Brüdgam and Torsten Koplin.



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