the state of The Bundeswehr and the Brexit stand on the second day of the retreat of the CSU land group in the upper Bavarian monastery of Seeon in the focus of attention. The Bundestag expect members on Friday, among other things, the inspector General of the Bundeswehr, Eberhard anger, for the conversation. In a position paper on defense policy, the CSU calls for a suitable a significant societal appreciation: “We need to make the commitment of soldiers to our security more visible and audible and their services more. We need to make it clear: politics must have the courage to say that we are proud of our armed forces“, – stated in the paper.

in the afternoon, the group also expects the Prime Minister of the Republic of Ireland, Leo Varadkar. In conversation with him, it should go in particular to the impending withdrawal of Britain from the European Union and the consequences for Ireland. Also to this end, the CSU has positioned itself in a strategy paper for the end of the Brexits: “The peace in the North of Ireland must always keep a top priority. Here we stand firmly on the side of our Irish friends in an Effort to avoid a hard limit.“

A special highlight awaits the CSU`ler in the evening with the visit of the new CDU-Boss Annegret Kramp-Karrembauer. Together with her and the EPP top candidate, as well as CSU Deputy Manfred Weber, the group wants to speak at the conclusion of the retreat on Saturday more about the European elections and their importance for the Union, as well as the General reorientation of the CDU and the CSU.



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