Two previously unknown, masked assailant drove to the front of the store with a previously stolen gray Car Skoda Octavia. One of the offenders remained in the Car sit, while the Other struck the front window. Through the smashed window, then various pieces of jewelry (a number of valuable watches and chains) were stolen from the Display. The two offenders were observed by a witness who made the police notification. Before the Arrival of the police, the two perpetrators fled with the vehicle in an unknown direction. A short time later, the getaway vehicle was abandoned in a forest in Steingaden and burning found. Despite extensive tracing action, the perpetrators were able to escape undetected. The investigations were launched by the criminal service (KDD) Memmingen, with the support of the KDD because home. Relevant information to the competent police Inspectorate Kempten Tel. 0831/9909-0.

This post is provided by: Bayer. State Ministry of the interior. An editorial review by FOCUS Online has not taken place.

Bayer. State Ministry of the interior


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