The city of Cottbus has triggered a Declaration of a knife attack on a 28-Year-old in the new year night, displeasure in social media. In the case of the attacker, according to the still missing, according to initial findings of the police, a man “of Mediterranean appearance”.

“Should the perpetrator or perpetrators still enjoy a right and not a blank slate, we will not hesitate to send him or them to make it clear that he or she will have to solve a Ticket home,” the statement said of the city.

users of the short service Twitter, accusing the city of a far-right populist and neo-Nazi positions. “Shame on you, Cottbus,” commented a user. Another user wrote: “And then some are surprised that they are placed in the right corner”. Other User wanted to know from the city, the extent to which the above-mentioned “guest law” criminal law is firmly anchored.

“The word choice is certainly drastically”

city spokesman Jan Gloßmann law made the press release available on request. “The word choice is certainly dramatic, but in terms of content, this is the line that was represented by the city so far,” he said. Had been deported in the past year for offenses against the German foreigners sentenced, respectively, out of the city.

On Wednesday updated the city’s the press release again, and rowed back at least slightly. “Basically, we want to make it clear that we are against racism and xenophobia in our city”, – stated now. “Everyone who wants to live in our city, to feel comfortable and included. But we also condemn any act of violence, regardless of who is identified as a suspect.“ Those who commit crimes, must take the legal consequences – “regardless of origin”.

According to police sources, the victim had scans before the attack, initially successful in a dispute. A little later, the Unknown had suddenly drawn a knife and the mediator stabbed. The 28-Year-old came up with non-life threatening injuries in a hospital.


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