A new Service for sick leave, by WhatsApp met with medical representatives to criticism. The medical associations in Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein rates of the use of the Online offer of a Hamburg-based Start-ups – “for privacy reasons”, such as the Medical Director of the schleswig-Holstein chamber, Carsten Leffmann, the German press Agency said. Similar to Nicola Timpe of the chamber of Physicians of Hamburg, said. In addition, the legal basis of the Online clarification about the offer, she said. Also, there could be that the employer is case-sensitive, recognise the Ill.

The company AU-note since the week before Christmas, Sick sick by WhatsApp for nine Euro, up to Thursday this Service is used, however, only a dozen Sick.

Online form in the Internet

For Sick leave must be completed on the Internet first, a form in which the classic cold symptoms are queried. Further communication with a health care professional – including personal data and photo of the insurance card – successes over the encrypted Messenger service, and corresponds to the General data protection regulation, said the founder of the company Can Ansay.

this offer was in the last year, loosening of the so-called remote treatment ban. The sick leave law would have to be accepted opinion is that of the funds, even if this one would be privately issued by a doctor, without Fund approval, he said.

colds are suitable for tele-medicine, as they are usually harmless and for the doctor, and mostly without personal contact diagnosed. “It’s not Yes, no one to the doctor, if he has complications or a Sick leave needs.”

demand for WhatsApp Service so far, “rather hesitantly,”

Nevertheless, the demand is so far “more hesitant,” said Ansay. Of the first twelve patients, all had received a certificate of incapacity for Work, two of which, however, only after further Demands for his company to make a Doctor. The users were mostly people from the Metropolitan area of Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein. “One of them came from Berlin.”

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in Ansay referred to the professional regulations of the chamber of Physicians of Schleswig-Holstein, the use of telemedicine permitted, in contrast to the pattern professional code of the Federal chamber of physicians a wide. Therefore, his Doctor had no private practice and no cash medical approval to drive, daily from Hamburg, across the border to Schleswig-Holstein, to edit the Online.

chamber of medical Doctors had not said that WhatsApp on the note

A Sick note via WhatsApp not to have had the Kiel chamber in the regulation of the profession in the eye, Leffmann. “I see a difference between a long-distance treatment and the remote exhibition of a document.” In addition, there is already a secure technical solutions designed specifically for telemedicine, which needs to be further expanded in the future. “Of the Offered global companies such as WhatsApp or Skype, I advise in this context.”

Timpe warned that suspicious employers might refuse the recognition of a by means of WhatsApp, issued Sick leave. “Then this must be finally decided before the labour court.” Ansay, surveys have shown that, so far, are already under the ill-written “about ten percent of blue-maker”. “Including unreported cases, the proportion is likely to be 20 percent.” To make trickery no feed, whether writing is limited the offer to a maximum of two cases per year. Ultimately however apply to WhatsApp, such as for the visit to the doctor: “Every Patient who makes a deliberately false information, commits an act of fraud.”

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