1. Know your limits and those of your Campers!

Before the Work can start, please observe the following points and answer the questions:

  • What are the modifications I would perform?
  • What is my Budget?
  • What is the maximum weight?
  • how Many people want to find a place?
  • what is the schedule?
  • What is the craft Work I do – for which I turn to a professional?

These questions should be answered before you verrennt in uncoordinated work. The point is this: those Who think practically, it saves a lot of handles! First, you should be aware of what exactly wants to do. The good old To-Do list can work wonders. What Material do I need for what tag? Important: the cost is always a buffer installed.

2. Know the jungle!

After the conversion, the mobile must be removed by the authorities. Get tips from the local TÜV before you start. By law, mobile homes are considered to be sub-class of passenger Car. The base vehicle is already approved as a passenger Car, a Expansion as a cargo that needs to be backed up according to § 22 StVO. For authorisation, the failure to reissue the special vehicle has no effect. It is different for vehicles registered as a commercial vehicle. The demands on the transport properties of a Truck are not met, void the operating license. The EU-guidelines: The furniture must be firmly on the ground. No tables and chairs may be placed in the RV. Safety has the highest priority, just as clean. About the experts

Levin Klocker Country Manager at Yescapa, the leading platform for private motorhome rental in Europe. He is concerned with the Sharing Economy, and developed solutions for travellers from the da-CH Region, you want to rent in Europe residential mobile private.

3. Everything flows – water and electricity

tag to work Inside of the Camper, the following is essential: electricity and water. Campsites are the preferred goal, an external power connection for 220V and Charging the 12V batteries. In “the wild” there should be a self-contained power supply. This can be a solar system or extra large batteries. Learn exactly which cables and connectors should consult be used – if in doubt, call a professional.

For the water supply can be used on canisters or larger Tanks. The further the trip goes, the greater the stock should be.

Who wants to shower independently, you can build a small bathroom, if the available space allows it. A small tub, which is connected with a pipe as a drain to the outside, a head height built-in water canister – and the shower is on-the-go. Between open double doors at the rear, and a shower for the summer of curtain to attach. With a hose from the vehicle’s interior one has a shower so quickly in a free air. If this is not possible, on the road to body care still camping controlled.

For the toilet, there are simple and more complex variants – decide for yourself what is important to you. On the way are usually most of the toilet, otherwise, toilets or Portable Toilets as the classic Porta Potti dry, however, relatively straightforward solutions.

4. Where does it all go?

is Fundamental: In the motorhome each gap should be used in order to create space. In the establishment of dead angle should be avoided and an optimal room layout. How would you like a lift table? Cavities under benches, storage space under the kitchen, folding furniture, spacious closets, or foldable wardrobes of fantasy and practicality, there are almost no limits – apart from the TÜV.

5. A person who plans well, the good sleep – beds in the RV,

those Who want to leave during the reconstruction of his vehicle to the apartment on wheels nothing to chance, can rely on appropriate planning software. There are simple, free solutions as well as complex, price-intensive. With such applications, the sleeping area can be, for example, is a wonderful plan and implement.

In higher vehicles can be built in to the ceiling hanging bed, accessible by a either a removable or retractable ladder. Space-saving solution, a daytime usable bench repurpose to night as a bed. Creative solutions are in demand – why not the wall at the bed with a hook in the cloakroom converted or with shelving as a closet?

Who does not separate living and sleeping area, list apart: sliding doors are not only practical, but also space-saving!

6. Finally, and Most importantly – the kitchen and cooking for on-the-Go

A cosy get-together in the living room allows for a Seating area. Kitchen cabinets and a bench seat can also be used wonderfully to the to prepare the necessary small stuff well stowed and kitchen utensils to have available.

the kitchenette with Gas, check the security policies. A “real” gas hob installed, it is quite possible, especially since here on longer lasting gas cylinders can be used. For the proper storage of food in a smaller fridge is a must. No place is it does on shorter Trips, even a cooler. In a particularly environmentally-friendly, your camper will be, when you supply power to the cooling device via external solar built cells. The advantage is that You may not need the additional Gas to an absorber refrigerator!


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