“Let us have higher free amounts, for what concerns the Money, and let us self-occupied property, such as a residential house rather spare,” said Söder instead, and pointed out that many people who have scrimped and saved for a small home, have now fear, “that this home needs to be pledged”.

The basic pension was one of the topics at the top round in the Chancellery on Wednesday evening. Union and SPD had agreed in the coalition agreement, the introduction of a basic pension.

it is intended for people with a lot of pension contribution years, as low-income earners still only low pension claims. In the coalition agreement, it is planned to check prior to withdrawal of the vulnerability of the person Concerned. Salvation concept, however, contains no such test. This earned him criticism from the Union.

The means test “is actually a justice audit,” said Söder. It could not therefore be “someone who has long worked, has been in the same Situation as someone who has worked only a little, or part of large assets,” he criticized. Therefore, he was “to give the SPD a kind of pause for thought”.

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