The biggest sports Moment in 2018, I overslept. When I woke up on this Thursday, the first Olympic week, from Pyeongchang, jumped out at me was my cell phone all excited with lots of messages.

Alone in the hours afterwards, I must have the Gold-freestyle of Aljona Savchenko and Bruno Massot ten times seen. And not a single Time it left me cold. dpa Bruno Massot, and Aljona Savchenko in Milan

In 4:40 minutes Savchenko and Massot ran so effortlessly across the ice, the spectators were weeping in the stands in front of luck. This time, the triple Salchow was sitting with Massot, in the short program the day before, nor the reason for other’s tears.

Out of twelve elements, a freestyle is, twelve times a small box that lit up green, perfectly executed. Massot cast, Savchenko jumped, they danced, glided, and enthusiastic. AP Aljona Savchenko and Brono Massot. your luck

The Briton, Christopher Dean, believe had made a choreography on the skids, always pleasant, on the border between beauty and Kitsch And the piece “La terre vue du ciel”, the earth seen from the sky.

As the last sound trailed off and the cheers swelled, rails, Savchenko and Massot weaving, in fact, to resolutions and to admire himself from the very top, not believing what they had just done.

Omnisport look back at the most amusing scenes of the sports year 2018


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