If the Scots, then it is to be celebrated. Under the auspices of the “Edinburgh Festivals” are held with “Fringe”, “International” and “Book Festival” every year not only huge art and cultural festivals in the summer, but in December one of the most spectacular new year’s eve celebrations in Europe. To celebrate Edinburgh’s “Hogmanay” is the Scots for three days omitted from the end of the old year and the beginning of the new. Chris Watt Photography Hogmanay traditionally starts on the 30. December with a Torchlight procession.

On the 30. December begin the festivities with a thousands lights, comprehensive torch procession through the city. 31. December people celebrate the whole day a huge “street party” along the big shopping street “Princes Street” with views of Edinburgh Castle, the famous castle, which towers over the city. The partying reached in the evening to a climax, when, in addition to countless concerts, Shows and open-air Bars at midnight, a huge fireworks display lit up the Edinburgh Castle. Traditionally, Scots also celebrate her famous Song “Auld Lang Syne” with Strangers like friends.

1. January is the hangover is with a “shock therapy” in the “Loony Dook” cured: a Horde of dressed up people marching on the Royal Mile down to the river “Forth” – and jumps in. Everyone is invited to join in. Make sure nothing happens, are always emergency personnel. Chris Watt Photography At Loony Dook, the people in the panel to jump to the conclusion of the celebrations in the freezing river.

short break in Edinburgh: The more there is to discover

Who would like to explore in addition to the celebrations of the city a little, to discover in the Royal’s medieval walls. If the weather cooperates – what is in Scotland a bit of a luck thing known as is – offers not a place with a better view of the city and the adjacent sea as Arthur’s Seat – a relatively small hill in Holyrood Park, which is reached in about 45 minutes, more or less easy step. As well as almost all the sights in Edinburgh and Holyrood Park from the city centre can be reached easily on foot. And who does not like walks, you can explore the city in the UK typical double-Decker buses or the little black Taxis. to climb

for Something faster and less expensive, but nevertheless with good prospects: In the Scottish national Museum in the old town, close to the Royal Mile, there is a roof terrace, which also allows for unique views of the city.

Enchanted alleyways reveal the true treasures of Edinburgh

if you want to immerse yourself in the centuries-old history of Edinburgh, should not be running only once, the Royal Mile, which runs along the various streets from the castle to Holyrood Park, along, but not grace, and in a small alley, turn right, the road that branches off of it. Not a few of them reveal true treasures of hidden Pubs or gardens, to secret vantage points, which, in spite of the crowds of tourists suddenly feeling all alone in the century-old town.

Theater, museums, Shopping, Edinburgh “roofed”

one or the other typical Scottish rain Pours, the, in Edinburgh, there is no reason to bury your head in the Sand.

during the day, countless museums, such as the already mentioned national Museum invite you to travel into the past. The Camera Obscura provides for its guests for more than 150 years of illusions, in the evening, a Tour through the “Vaults” – is worth the spooky “city under the city”, with secret passageways and guaranteed goose bumps moments.

shopping mile Princes Street: Where Tradition and Modern meets

Also who wants to go shopping, in Edinburgh, find. Along Princes Street with lots of little shops waiting for customers. In addition to large and often international chains, there are also some traditional business houses, such as the “Jenner” – souvenir hunters will find traditional Scottish Goods such as Kilts, Cashmere or silk products. In the case of a shopping break at the in-house Restaurant serves the national dish of Haggis – a Fusion of various sheep innards and oatmeal. The course will give Non-need dimensions of Scots with this compilation only once, to make friends – is to Overcome the court but in any case value. A Scottish Gin, Whiskey or “Ale”, so a typical British beer, it falls perhaps a little easier.

night life in Edinburgh: Pubs, Clubs and traditional Ceilidh

not trumps The Scottish capital only at festival time, with cultural Highlights. In the Edinburgh Theatre, for example, the largest theatre in the UK, but also in the King’s Theatre, Usher Hall and the Traverse Theatre is announced for the entire year, almost on a daily basis program.

For other trips within and outside of the festival times of the Grassmarket, situated between Princes Street seen from behind the castle, is regarded as the best address. There is a Pub joins to the next and in between all of the other Club invites you to dance the night away.

Dancing is one of the favorite activities of the Scots. A traditional “Ceilidh” should be no Scotland-visitors miss. In Edinburgh, the “Ghillie Dhu” every Friday and Saturday invites, for example, from 19 o’clock to the dance to celebrate. Then friends and Strangers pack themselves again by the Arm and swing the dance leg. And don’t worry: prior knowledge, no-one needs for these events. The Scottish fellow dancers with heart (and Whiskey) that even dancers with two left legs have fun this evening.

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note: The author was supported in your Research by Visit Scotland and the Edinburgh Festivals.

In the FOCUS Online/Wochit Wonderful Christmas greeting: aircraft giant heart painted in the sky of Scotland, Edinburgh


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