Here, it had to messenger a Package in a hurry. He continued with his box cars despite oncoming traffic to Overtake, and it came in the Wake of a collision with the oncoming and the overtaken vehicle. Overall, in addition to the package offered were injured two more people, so that they have to spend the new year’s eve night in the hospital. Since none of the vehicles involved was not yet ready to drive, all had to be towed. The total damage is estimated at over 20,000 euros. For the period of the accident, the roadway was blocked and traffic on an adjacent host schaftweg redirected. To said traffic obstructions due to low traffic density. The accident criminal case is very dangerous and negligent bodily injury to be expected now.

This post is provided by: state police inspection Erfurt/news up to date. An editorial review by FOCUS Online has not taken place.

state police inspection Erfurt/news aktuell


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