in Front of the witnesses ran to a Car Ford Bretleben strikingly slow down and partially in the queue lines, the K 518 from the direction of the traffic circle, L 3086 motorway in the direction of. Shortly before the traffic island, the Car drove to the left and ran in the other sequence to the traffic island where he damaged the road signs. The driver of the Car Ford stopped short, and continued his journey immediately. By the witnesses the police have been notified, which was the Car Ford on how to arrive to the scene of the accident, the driver of a control underwent. The driver performed a breath alcohol test was negative. On the basis of the General condition of the driver was prohibited from further travel and after consultation with the public Prosecutor, order the confiscation of the driving licence of the driver Mühlhausen dependent. People were not injured in the accident, it came to a total damages in the amount of approx. 3000,00 Euro.

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state police inspection Nordhausen/news aktuell


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