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storm “Zeetje” for devastation force in continuous use

Wednesday, 02. January 2018, 07.14 PM: The storm “Zeetje” has kept the forces in Parts of Northern Germany on new year’s eve on the trot. In Hamburg, the fire brigade had to lift two large fallen trees with a crane from the street, like a fire brigade spokesman said on Wednesday night. The trees had damaged several cars. In addition, the use of force brought an overturned tree from a power line.

In an eight-story building in the port city scaffolding and protective had to plan to be secured by the fire Department. Overall, the fire Department was one of the Hanseatic city of over 30 weather operations until late in the evening.

In Mecklenburg-Vorpommern were injured in the early hours of the morning two people in cars in case of accidents slightly, as they drove on country roads against fallen trees. They were taken by ambulance to hospitals.

Also in Schleswig-Holstein reported operations, the police from the Weather, here, no one was initially hurt.

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