Instead of the 200 Euro for food, clothing and leisure, you are suddenly about 4000 euros or Vice versa. A challenge, even for the “suddenly rich”.

  • “all of a Sudden poor, suddenly rich – The exchange experiment”: the Live-Stream on SAT.1 The fast Online streaming service (display) register for free Now and “Suddenly poor, suddenly rich – The exchange experiment” live online

layer exchange: a Successful SATELLITE.1-Experiment, “Suddenly poor, suddenly rich” starts in the second round. Two families with opposite financial resources to exchange for a week of housing, lifestyle and Budget. With “Big Brother”-Star Alexander is this time Jolig. Together with his wife Britt and daughter Tatiana, the well-to-do entrepreneur dives into the life-world of the single mother Iris, and her two children.

luxury against 169 Euro per week

In the opening sequence of the prominent family exchanges Jolig from Bonn, with the lone Iris Wise and their two children from Cologne. Alex Jolig, known from the first season of Big Brother, and his family live in a 250 square foot home in an exclusive location. During the Joligs have 4.100 Euro per week, you must manage your exchange family with only 169 Euro per week. Two completely different worlds. But how much influence our well-being?

In the FOCUS Online/Glomex Topless in the new year – hands cover here only the bare minimum strm


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