If you walk with your mongrel dog “Kiwi” by the Park, should you go to the contact, so the singer in an Interview with RTL. “Of course you are allowed to talk to me,” says the 27-Year-old. If someone resides with kindness, she wouldn’t be averse to a conversation. “Hello, nice to meet You”, would you say then, she says.

Even if you don’t want to rush into it, it seems a new love is not averse. Nevertheless, she says: “I have decided not to actively speak about my separation or my love situation.” The singer is not, however, want to ensure first of all, your private life for attention, but with their new music projects.

break and hostility

Positive headlines for Lena Meyer-Landrut last year, rather the rarity. First, they postponed their planned Tour, then cancelled completely. Also with a new Album, it didn’t work out to 2018. The result is that the 27-year-old decided to take a break.

In November, she made a Instagram Post caused a stir. On one photo you can see the 27-Year-old in a mirror, the hate comments are posted. It’s not just with negative emotions, she wrote. Again and again, you’ll be met with hostility, and not only online.

setbacks processed

in the Meantime, she has found a way, with the hate and the negative comments, deal with it: they process it in their new Album “Only Love, L” that appears at the beginning of April. The first Single, “Thank you” has already appeared. “Thank you, you’ve let me down. Now, because I know that me and every Depth can grow,“ she sings. Seems like they would have left the turbulent times behind and is ready for something New.

In the PCP Lena Meyer-Landrut is in a good mood – until the cameras are glb


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