so Far, the limit is at 40 micro-grams, which had resulted in a number of cities to driving bans. The decision comes as a surprise. Only recently, EU environment Commissioner Karmenu Vella had a tightening of the controversial limits of oxides of nitrogen. Of course, pivoting is a stage victory, for the Federal Minister of transport, Andreas Scheuer: He’s been working for weeks to increase the limits.

diesel vehicles are identified as the main cause of high nitrogen dioxide values in German inner cities. In many places, the bans threaten, therefore, to complain. The club likes to speak of “diesel exhaust”, referring to nitrogen dioxide.

Difficult, effects of different pollutants from each other

nitrogen oxides delineate react in the air quickly to the harmful nitrogen dioxide. The harmful effect of nitrogen dioxide is uncontroversial. In the lungs, the Mace can attack cells and inflammatory processes trigger. In fact, there are studies in humans and animals, in which subjects oxides of nitrogen have inhaled, in which this connection is assigned. Generally, air pollutants are considered to be a risk factor for certain diseases.

However, it is difficult, the effects of various pollutants separate from each other. Criticism was the last of the so-called epidemiological studies where a high level of nitrogen dioxide pollution with cardiovascular disease, Asthma or Diabetes. A statistical connection between death and the contaminants is produced. The recent criticism of lungs specialist doctors, for instance, turns against these studies. Are you questioning that there actually is a causal link between nitrogen oxides and death cases, and questioning in the Wake of the EU-wide limit values.

Habeck and shy with a battle of words forbidden to drive – it will even personally: FOCUS Online/Wochit Green-chief Habeck and Minister for transport-averse to driving bans cvh


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