As exactly five minutes into the game, there was one in the guest block. 8000 involved in the trip are Dresden Fans inflamed a large number of flares and attracted the attention. Quickly had shrouded the entire stadium in dense smoke.

Dresden Fans do not reveal tasteless poster

But that’s enough! In the second half, it was tasteless. In the guest block, a huge poster was displayed, showing a Dino, the feces had to eat.

designed Elaborately, the Dynamo pendant is an elongated, brown poster in the direction of the Dino-mouth slide and repeated this process several times.

the HSV-Ultras

countered in The back part of the HSV-mascot had placed the creative heads also have a tick with the Logo of the city of Hamburg’s rivals FC St. Pauli. This should feed a symbol of the “digested” feces.

The HSV-Ultras retaliated with “Fuck Ossis”-chants and a banner with the inscription: “Without you, there’s nothing wrong in the state – way with Dresden, Saxony, and the solidarity surcharge!”

This article was written by Philipp Simon

*The contribution of “Tasteless-choreographer: Dresden-Fans “feed” HSV-Dino – droppings!” comes from Mopo. There is no editorial review by FOCUS Online. Contact with the executives here.



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