spur of possibly the worst tropical storm in decades to have reached the South of Thailand with heavy rains, strong winds and up to five meters high waves on the lake. According to the meteorological authority of the storm “Pabuk should meet” on Friday evening (local time) on Land. Their assessment suggests that Pabuk could be killed “” similar to the destructive force of tropical storm “Harriet” in 1962, nearly a thousand people in the country.

Fischer dies at tropical storm

in Front of the South-Eastern coast, the storm has already brought a fishing boat to capsize. The body of a fisherman was found on the beach of the province of Pattani, reported the daily newspaper “Khao Sod” on Friday. Another fisherman was in a heavy swell, therefore, still missing. Close to the island group Koh Raya, South of Phuket, more than 100 tourists were because of the approaching danger of a boat were rescued.

The spurs were the first information indicates that no major damage. The with tourists popular holiday destinations, Phuket, Ko Samui and Krabi are first of all still remained spared, said the civil protection in Phuket, the German press Agency.

Swim in the sea is forbidden

The storm had moved on Thursday from the South China sea up and had reached Nakorn Si Thammarat, where the storm later on, the country should meet. According to the meteorological authority, he moves with a wind speed of up to 80 kilometres per hour towards the West.

More than 6,000 residents of the Region would have had to leave their homes as a precautionary measure, the civil protection Ministry. Currently, no ships are allowed to drive, to Swim in the sea until further notice, prohibited.

flights to Koh Samui cancelled

All flights from and to Ko Samui were, as a precautionary measure cancelled, even when the rain was at first moderately, as an airport employee on the dpa-request said. According to the civil protection, the Situation is not classified there as a crisis. In Phuket, there was still no rain. “There is no panic among the tourists. But if anything happens, we are well prepared”, – said the head of the civil protection in Phuket, Prapan Kanprasang.

the airport is in the province of Nakorn Si Thammarart has been closed since Thursday evening. The air traffic at the Airport Surat Thani airport in the province should be set up on Friday also.

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