Who does not know it as the privately Insured: The conclusion a few years ago the monthly health insurance contribution was surprisingly small. Now exchange contribution increases flutter almost every year, into the house. However, it seems that consumers would be powerless. But there is a remedy.

As a beginner is a contribution to stable PKV

choose Who goes first in a PKV, can still make a lot of things right: Choose a provider with proven contribution stable. That health costs are rising and Inflation is running continuously, and although you can not prevent health insurers. However, there are providers that will guarantee to increase your contributions by more than 3.5 percent in the year. You pay attention to when choosing a private health insurance less the promise of advertising in high-quality made brochures, they prefer to be Figures, data and facts.

When the insurer can fully demonstrate that the selected rate is remained over the years stable, you have met usually a good choice. The Argument is “there for years, only unisex tariffs”, ask for a cheap Unisex Tariff. Most of the suppliers work in parallel with in particular the same Tariffs, of which the lower are offered only on demand. You remain persistent, you can also pay the ages of your PHI without major restrictions. The Person

Dieter Homburg, master consultant in Finance and founded already at the age of 21 years to be the first consulting company with a focus on retirement planning. He is the author of the book “retirement for Dummies” (Wiley publishing).

change of tariff law for privately insured,

Are you already insured for several years with private health, and your Collective has become increasingly more expensive, here’s the good news: a Further contribution to explosions you need to have no longer fallen. Possible the Paragraph 204 of the insurance contract act does: It allows that you should optimize within your insurance, the Tariff, without causing you inconvenience.

most of The insurers offer diverse rates, with similar benefits. This is because private health insurance companies bring out new tariffs on the market, with which they replace older, more expensive fees. You can now make use of regularly the cheapest rate switch. Especially for the longterm Insured, a change is often not worth it, since the already built-up old-age provisions.

Within your insurance you can switch at any time in a comparable Tariff, without new health examination and Risk premium. The new Tariff, however, provides more services, may require your PHI to a health examination. The examination of a disadvantage for you should be, may be used to remove the insurer only more services to your existing Tariff. They will remain so at least as well assured as in the past.

High contribution saving is possible

back in 2010, a large, private lost health insurers at the highest level, a legal battle after he wanted to allow consumers of the change of tariff law, against a contribution award. To switch from the right in a lower rate, but very few of the private use of the insured – although, in practice between 1000 and 4000 euros per year saving.

The insurance is in case of a change in a lower rate little to help. You’d better check yourself regularly, if your insurance more favourable conditions, with a similar performance. The insurance Check even a financial Advisor. Their fee usually depends on the achieved reduction and comprises up to twelve times the achieved monthly savings. So you save by optimizing 300 Euro in a month, can be up to 3600 Euro fee is due.

Free Service for FOCUS Online readers

Together with my Team, I have developed an automated procedure, we need to check the Tariff of your private health insurance to cheaper Alternatives. The examination is for the first 250 of the FOCUS Online readers free of charge:

  • Register here for the free fare check-up.
  • An expert from my Team will contact you to record your data.
  • we Then check what Tariff Alternatives are available it is for you and whether you can save for the same insurance benefit
  • If you are not privately insured, you can click on the Link contribution to developments in individual insurers ‘ requests. You to check, please also for a fare.

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