looking for a new “Bachelor” is RTL again in the Pool from Germany is less prominent sportsmen went fishing and been able to find: Andrej Mangold, a basketball player, and founder of a chewing gum brand, is looking for in the Dating show starting on Wednesday, 2. January (20.15) , a new love. The first “Bachelor” Paul Janke, was a sportsman but a footballer.

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unlike Janke, the backheel for the Amateurs of FC St. Pauli, made it the new “Bachelor” in the Basketball Bundesliga. Andrei’s mother, who was also a player, ‘ve already taken it as a dwarf in a carrier bag in the hall, told the 31-Year-old in an Interview with the German press Agency. Later, he played in Bonn, Göttingen and Würzburg – until he was selected as the new “Bachelor.” For the shipment he was making a break from professional sports, he says.

No pictures of Ex-girlfriend on Instagram-profile

In his role as “the Bachelor” travels, Andrey, together with 20 young women for several weeks to Mexico. If he finds out differently than some of the candidates in front of him – a love to last? Andrei is optimistic.

With his Ex-girlfriend he was with for four years. The photos of her, no longer to be found on his Instagram profile. Andrejs statement shortly before the broadcast start: His Account was hacked and many of the images have been deleted. “Maybe it was a sign,” quips the athlete with the bright green eyes.

“The Bachelor” was already in the “cave of the lion”

the 57-000 presumably the majority of female followers, staged the new “Bachelor” as a blend of a sports freak, world traveler and Start-up founder. On a photo he grins after a Basketball tournament in Shanghai with a medal in the mouth in the camera; in the hotel pool in Bali, his chest muscles glistening in the sun. And before you Sit down at a business appointment, he buttoned up – very professional – the jacket on.

Not only as a “Instamodel” – a Hashtag that can be found among many of his photos, booth Andrej already in front of the camera. Also in the Vox TV show “höhle der Löwen” was he to be seen. The Deal for its chewing gum brand over 250 000 Euro burst later.

Be a long-term goal: family and children

What with all the public appearances and the mundane ends Instagram motifs seemingly strikes: Andrei his home in Hanover feels very connected, since he has many friends, as he says. “Hanover will always be a return place for me.”

If his future girlfriend to Hannover leave? You will see it. You should always be open and honest, finds Andrei. His long term goal of a trained insurance salesman already know: family and children. “This is definitely the perspective that I would like to create myself.”

In the FOCUS Online/Glomex Topless in the new year – hands cover here only the bare minimum strm/dpa


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