The offense had to be “completely” abolished, she said of the “Berliner Morgenpost”. The sheet according to Koppers goes a step further than the tip of the representatives of the red-red-green coalition.

the governing mayor Michael Müller (SPD) had spoken out in the past for milder sanctions. The effort of the law enforcement authorities stand in no reasonable relation to fact, he said. Senator Andreas hostage (SPD) held a demotion as an administrative offence to be appropriate. A classification of the black-and-driving as a misdemeanor would not relieve the judiciary from Koppers’ point of view, really. “Because otherwise, the district courts would have to beat, but still with the appeal procedures”, cited the sheet.

“Dangerous decline affects”

a Fierce criticism of this attitude came from the CDU and the FDP. To want to “black to legalize, it means a dangerous decline affects our legal system,” noted the legal policy spokesman of the CDU parliamentary group in the house of representatives, Sven crack, man. “Why would you buy even a bus ticket?” Similarly, the legal expert of the FDP parliamentary group, Holger Krestel, the Koppers expressed a “political Ghost rider” mentioned.

so Far, the “theft of service falls drive”, including the black, a criminal Offence. For a Change in the penal code of the Federal government is responsible. The red-red-green coalition in Berlin to think about a Federal Council initiative.

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