The Stepstone salary report for the job portal has analysed the salaries of 85,000 professionals and managers.

Top professions

Accordingly, Doctors with an average 77.400 Euro the best-paid occupational group. On financial experts , which include, among other things, financial Advisor to follow, with 72.200 euros and Banker with 64.200 Euro.

business consultant with about seat delivered 63,700 euros, engineers with 62.800 Euro, IT professionals earn 62.300 Euro and lawyers with approximately 62.000 euros, significantly more than the average. The Top Ten complete the occupational groups, Marketing with 60.500 Euro, sales with 58,000 Euro, and HR 57.600 Euro.

The Flop professions

the conclusion of the lights are professions that deal with Design (of 47,000), Administration and secretarial with 43.900 euros, and the craft 43,000 Euro a year.

note: All of the salary figures refer to the average gross annual salary including bonuses. Content check: The gross-to-net calculator 2019 remains So much net them by the gross

Top sectors

When looking at the sectors, it shows that banks pay your specialists and managers the highest salaries, namely, an average of 70.800 Euro . Almost the same amount of companies in the pharmaceutical industry with an average salary of around 70,000 Euro, the car industry transfer follows with 67.900 Euro.

specialists and executives in the chemical and petroleum processing industry earn about the in 67,800 euros, in insurance 66.300 EUR, in the air and space 66.200 euros, and in the medical technology 65.900 euros. Place ten occupy financial service providers . Anyone who works in this industry, already receives an average of 16,000 euros less than employees of a Bank. PDF how to apply correctly! Our PDF guide shows you how you can present yourself optimally in your application.To the PDF guide

The good news for all who work in any Top-industry: Also, you can Supplement your salary if you follow a few tips and take responsibility.

Who takes responsibility, deserved better.

So to get managers personal responsibility in the cut 67.900 Euro. In the case of professionals without staff Vera responsibilities g the content is about 51.200 euros. Four employees of an Executive of up to under , they earned about 57.300 euros. In the case of up to 14 employees the average salary rises to about 68,000 Euro, in the case of up to 49 employees 75.500 Euro and up to 100 employees, 84.700 EUR.

If the executives in larger companies, need to coordinate 100 people , you can expect a salary of around 102.500 euros in the year.

The bigger the company is, the greater the content

is The size of a company is generally a good indicator of the level of salary: employees in companies in which more than 1000 people, about 15 percent more salary than the average. The size is under 500 employees, the professionals and managers even ten percent less than the average. PDF make a career and a Top salary earning In PDF guide you can find all the information about career management, self-marketing and how you can increase your chances of success in a targeted manner.To the PDF guide

In the southwest of Germany, the salaries of the highest

a move can improve the content. As specialists and managers in the state of Hesse earn with 65.300 euros at the most. After that, Baden-Württemberg follows with 63.400 and place of Bavaria with 62.200 Euro average salary. The least content specialists and executives get in the state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania with 42.100 euros per year. Do you earn enough? (Display)

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