Previously, the Accused is groundless passengers berated in a S-Bahn line S 1. In the further course of the obviously drunk man sat down next to a woman in a seat group. According to the current state of the Accused held the entrained dog the 37-Year-old on several occasions a lighted lighter in front of the muzzle.

The petition of the wife acknowledged this Act under the 40-Year-old initially, with a worst insult. Then the Accused threatened the 37-Year-old kill. The Victim then left under the impression of the scene scared the seat.

in the Meantime Federal government demanded, the police took the extremely aggressive man provisional and led the accused to tied to the Federal police station at the Central station. Performing a breath alcohol test resulted in a value of 3.36 per thousand. A doctor then noted the detention ability.

After the appropriate arrests for drunkenness of the husband was dismissed. A criminal case was initiated against the accused. Further investigations are being conducted by the investigation service of the Federal police Inspectorate Hamburg.

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the Federal police Inspectorate Hamburg

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