Michael van Gerwen – Michael Smith

rates: 3:0

Legs: 0:0

21.56 clock: Van Gerwen marches on, wins the third set and clenches the fist. This is going too fast for Michael Smith, who has just entered the stage and been so clear. The fourth sentence is extremely important for Smith to come somehow in this Game.

21.52 PM : , Michael Smith is something of the roll and starts with a very mediocre Average score of 76 in the third set. That’s enough for any pub Trophy, but not for a world Cup final.

21.45 : In the previous year, there was a surprise winner in the world Cup final. Rob Cross won the title. Michael Smith wants to create a similar miracle, he must Wake up now! Van Gerwen dominates, and also in the third set with the score 1:0 in leadership.

Smith is a Chance, van Gerwen punished him miss badass

21.45 : Michael Smith reduced to 1:2 in the second set, but the accuracy of the semi-finals. Neither the throw on the Triple 20 is good enough, the double fields to finish the Legs, he is sure to visor. The penalty: Van Gerwen wins the Leg, and thus set two.

21.40 PM: , Michael Smith shows nerves and missed three opportunities to bring the Leg with a double-Score. Van Gerwen says Thank you, gets the Break and takes in the second sentence of the lead.

21.32 PM: Michael van Gerwen takes the first set, which went over the full distance of five Legs.

21.25 PM: , Michael Smith uses the second Chance, to on 2:2 in the first set to compensate. Thus, the fifth Leg has to bring the decision. Both play high Tempo, both of them play average values are well above 100 for three throws. This is absolute world class!

21h30 : Michael van Gerwen can get the first Break. It is 2:0 is the Legs. But Michael Smith strikes back and shortened with a Bulls Eye on 1:2. dpa The final will be held at the Alexandra Palace in London instead of

21.25 PM: , Michael van Gerwen go with a High Finish, down plays 129 points and takes the first Leg. Three Legs result in a sentence. The winner of seven sets won.

21.25 PM: , the flying Darts. Michael van Gerwen, in the venom green T-Shirt, maintains a slightly aggressive attitude. Of at least as beefy Michael Smith acts as something comfortable, but also he is considered to be a stone-cold Top Scorer, the high scores can be achieved under the greatest pressure.

21.15: The feeder of the matadors runs, the Fans of rest on the push of a button. On paper, the matter is clear: Michael van Gerwen (29) won 26 of the past 31 games against the younger Michael Smith. Here we see the future of Darts-Sports on the stage in the Sizzling Ally Pally. Icon Phil Taylor saves in the meantime, the season highlight, the Scotsman, Gary Anderson is out, he was outclassed in the semi-finals by Michael van Gerwen.

From the tilers to the Darts-Profi

21.05 PM: The career of Michael Smith reads like a fairy tale. A Bicycle accident brought the Ex-tiler ten years ago, the Darts Sport. Because he could have broken their hip, only on crutches on the way, he drove the boredom with the Throwing of arrows on slices and realized eventually that he created. The decisive boost of ambition, a forced training break gave him later, after a double wrist fracture. After that, Smith was so hot at Darts, he stopped, never more to train like a man possessed. Today at 28 he is in the final of the Darts world Championships, the highlight of his career. 200,000 euros he has to are probably. dpa views of the world Cup, the Sid Waddell trophy

Michael van Gerwen is focused on himself

21.00: “I never look what anyone makes except for me”, says Michal van Gerwen before the final. Completely relaxed and without any Trash Talk he and his opponent Michael Smith, before the first Darts of the world Cup-fly Finals. That a few could be more people for the Englishman Smith, taking care not MvG. “The throw the Darts, not to 180.”

20.55: 25 pounds of pot for the Darts Champ. No Problem for the heavy hitters with fast hands, you’d think. However, in the semi retired Ex-world champion Gary Anderson is well-known recently, that the Cup was too heavy, because the back doing to create evil. Pity he was not, therefore, after his defeat from the semi-final opponent Michael van Gerwen. The Dutchman was to have the “Flying Scotsman” literally “blown up”.

20.45: Challenger Michael Smith under the nickname of “Bully Boy”. 17 Times he hit in the semi-finals three times Triple 20! Impressive! But now the task is much more difficult. It is Mighty Mike, the shaved heads Dominator of Darts-Sports from the Netherlands waiting.

20.25 PM: welcome to the Darts world championship live Ticker of FOCUS Online! Darts-Dominator Michael van Gerwen takes on course for his third world title and the Palace game coming in the London Alexandra to play better in the swing.

In the prestige duel with his arch-rival Gary Anderson, Mighty Mike” the Scotsman on Sunday evening was “no Chance and defeated him with a smooth 6:1-sets. “I think I’ve shown everyone that I can handle this pressure. Especially in the beginning, I played very, very well,“ said a visibly satisfied van Gerwen.

In the final waiting now on new year’s day 21 at the for his strong Scoring known Michael Smith from England, who had previously, his compatriot Nathan Aspinall, 6:3 defeated, and thus the first world Cup final of his career.

The 28-year-old “Bully Boy”, as Smith called, knows van Gerwen. In 31 matches, the two Darts professionals were, among others, Smith and van Gerwen played this season in the Premier League final against each other.

at the Time, won by van Gerwen clearly with 11:4, overall he has a record of 25:6 Victories against the younger Englishman. Smith has struggled in the lower half, which was dominated by Favorites fall as the defending champion, Rob Cross, and defied on Sunday his strong country man Aspinall.


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