On Tuesday we launched our new great justice series “A year in Germany’s courts” – and, thus, the nerve of many people. In the social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, the first article in the series have been shared thousands of times and passionately debated. About 300 readers commented on the texts on FOCUS Online. This shows how important it is to the citizens of the subject of justice is, and how much they want a functioning state of law.

readers discuss what the rule of law suffers

triggered, in Particular, the results of a recent survey, which now account for approximately 45 percent of all German judicial distrust of, and fierce discussions. Several Users were surprised that the number is even greater. Sascha Wagle about writes: “it is Surprising for me actually, just that so many people trust in the judiciary.”

Other readers are looking for possible causes for the dramatic loss of Reputation of the courts. Hendrik Föhring says: “The judiciary is, at best, regardless, when it comes to egg theft. The more fundamental and far-reaching judgements in the higher courts are, the more they are politically influenced.“ Hans Herzberger no longer believes: “justice and the people understand, because the sense of justice of the people is quite different than that of the judiciary. If the two opinions do not form a unity, it creates a terrible imbalance.“

“A larger and larger self-glory, and People far away”

That FOCUS Online in the future, week in and week out from the German courts will then report to the readers of great approval. In E-Mails to the editors of dozens of people Express their hope that the court processes and decisions become more transparent and understandable.

A User writes: “It is very important that you take up this issue, investigate and treat. But whether the judiciary, and the government will take note of this is questionable, because there is a larger and larger self-glory, and the People, far wide.“ Adobe stock/iStock/Compositing: Sascha wine gartz court report: A YEAR IN GERMANY, COURTS

what is the everyday life in Germany’s justice really? What is not to be running around? How is it better? FOCUS Online is the whole 2019, in dishes on the road: There, where normal people fight for their rights. Where spectacular processes to run. Where Germany to redeem his promise must be able to trust to be a legal state, the people. Our reporters speak with judges, prosecutors, defendants, Victims and witnesses.

tell us about your experiences with the legal system, write to us, what they have experienced in dealing with prosecutors or judges. Maybe a story comes of it. To email us simply: mein-fall@focus.de.

Here you will find all of the articles in the court reports.

another noted: “One can only hope that FOCUS on this very important topic bluntly and not too many lawyers, involving, as they have to be punished afraid of the courts, if you denounce to be honest these problems publicly.”

another reader writes: “Thank you very much for the in my view, great idea, to dedicate a year of the rule of law. You are absolutely right: If the trust in certain basic functions of the state is lost, then democracy is in serious danger.“

“take a Clear Position and Finger in the wound

” your praise, many readers will connect with a clear mandate, a clear hope: “A really good idea you have there in the face of a great loss of Confidence in the population. Only: Are you actually willing to do Butter with the fish?“, Dieter Gerding asks. In his opinion the FOCUS must Online-a Reporter, even in controversial cases – for example, when a brutal rapist with probation comes of it – “it is quite clear Position and perhaps even the Finger in the wound”.

Jörg Malowicz is “eager”, as the court report on FOCUS Online “developed over the year”. He, himself, was from justice is not exactly thrilled. “An apartment break-in with theft of valuables, and the theft of my car have not been punished two years later.”

Write us of their experiences with the justice system

Exactly, such experiences can remain human in an unpleasant reminder of exactly such moments give you the feeling that the rule of law is not in important moments for you. Under the E-Mail address mein-fall@focus.de we collect the justice-stories of our readers – both positive and negative, curious and surprising, sad and exhilarating.

Numerous letters have reached us already, such as to families and custody disputes disputes related to medical treatments, to the disputed lease matters, and captive terminations, fraudulent financial transactions, to Trouble with insurance companies and health insurance companies, to cases of Stalking and denied receipt of Hartz IV benefits.

also you can Write to us, what they have experienced, after they have reported to the police, because you have been a victim of a Crime. Or, more generally, what experiences have you had with the justice system. Not every thing we can pursue, but it may approaches for exciting stories that are worth it, be told.

In the PCP kidnapping case, Markus Würth: a defendant is free



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