Full of admiration, almost of reverence, such as Michael Schumacher for Lewis Hamilton, the “Greatest of all time” in the formula 1. It would not change something if Hamilton would also break the victory and title of record Schumacher, reaffirmed Hamilton in an Interview with the “Bild am Sonntag” before the age of 50. The birthday of Schumacher’s next Thursday.

Even significantly more Poles than Schumacher (68), Hamilton (83) already. For the 91 Grand Prix successes 18 missing him to a tie of seven titles, the five-time Champion can create mathematically up to the expiry of his current contract at Mercedes for the next two years. “I just feel that I need to try to break his records. This is not my drive,” stressed Hamilton.

Schumacher’s influence is “clear”

He replaced Schumacher for the 2013 season at Mercedes. The record-breaking champion was resigned for the second Time, but this time for good. In the three Comeback years for the silver arrows, Schumacher was able to celebrate a victory. Hamilton has won since his move from McLaren to Mercedes 52 race.

he is aware of the fact that the native of Kerpen has its share of the title and the success of Mercedes in 2014. The impact is “quite clear”. “He was together with people like Ross and Norbert, as the Foundation was laid for the success we may enjoy today,” said Hamilton with a view to the former team boss Ross Brawn and ex-Mercedes Motorsport boss Norbert Haug. “The Foundation for the success we enjoy today”: Michael Schumacher and Norbert Haug

“nobody can deny that Michael has set the course for the success of the past years with Mercedes,” said Haug in a recent interview, the German press Agency. Schumacher have also played a role, the current Team and head of Mercedes Motorsport Toto Wolff said at the first constructors ‘ title under his leadership in October 2014 in the Russian city of Sochi.

Schumacher in the Computer-game

his career ended As Schumacher by the end of 2006 for the first time, Hamilton was 21 years old. In the year he was allowed to test, before he was appointed in 2007 at McLaren for the use of pilots. “I was not a regular driver, and for me it was simply unreal to be suddenly, with him on the track,” recalled Hamilton of the first encounter with Schumacher in a formula 1 car.

“I didn’t even try to overtake him, I just drove behind him, because I was directly in front of it as Michael Schumacher in my computer game.” As, told Hamilton he chose as a Boy, the PC game always Schumacher as a driver.

Will not be a Schumacher in formula-1

How and what contact has he to Schumacher today, in Hamilton. Since his skiing accident on 29. December 2013 is not been occurred of Michael Schumacher to the public or to see. He is recovering in his Swiss home in Gland still of the consequences of the fall, when he had a heavy skull-brain Trauma involved.

Hamilton expects that there will be due to Schumacher’s son Mick to “one hundred percent again, a Schumacher in formula 1,” he said at the race in October in Austin, Texas: “because of the Name, and on the other, because he does a good Job.” The 19-Year-old won last season, 21 years after his father, the formula 3 and in the next year in formula 2. Bong arts/ In the footsteps of his father: Mick Schumacher

In Paris, “He was obsessed, even then, extremely detail” blk/dpa


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