Since the 12. February 2019 they are German citizens.

district Brechtel presented in the civic hall of the municipality of Germersheim, the documents of naturalization: “I want to congratulate you. You enrich by your decision, the society of the Federal Republic of Germany. As a German citizen you have rights and obligations. For the rest of life here, Integration is the Central concept.“ Integration is not a one-way street, but requires the willingness and tolerance from all sides. District Brechtel recommends that, to engage, for example, in kindergartens and schools and to become a member in one of the many clubs.

Musically, the naturalization was accompanied at the piano by Bernhard Stephan of the Germer Heimer school of music.

This post is provided by: district administration Germersheim. An editorial review by FOCUS Online has not taken place.

district administration Germersheim


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