With the US Remake of the Comedy “honey in the head” which focuses on Alzheimer’s disease, a grandfather, wanted to produce Schweiger a better Film than the Original.

The hope was not fulfilled. “Head Full of Honey”, at least with the Superstars, Nick Nolte and Matt Dillon as the main character, is a very short term in Los Angeles already back out of the program. In Europe, the Film was able to convince, however, after all the critics. On the Capri Hollywood International film festival on the Italian island Schweiger awarded for the international Remake as the “Filmmaker of the year”, as the “Bild”newspaper reported.

Ullrich will be on the way to recovery

In Germany, the actors in “the scene” until 2020, made his Comeback as Nick Tschiller on the canvas. Even if it is delivery rate moderately least for him, more. However, with Director Christian Alvart and writer Christoph Darnstädt, but with Eoin Moore as a Director, and Anika Wangard and Eoin Moore as writers. They went several times to the Rostock “Polizeiruf 110”, the silent type eh for the best “crime scene”. “It is planned the shooting for 2019, the broadcast is aimed for 2020,” says the 55-Year-old, who is also his former Mallorca-neighbors Jan Ullrich information.

Currently, Schweiger has to the Tour de France winner of 1997, no contact. On one of his best friends but he knows that Jan has moved out and will not return to the Balearic island, as the “image” writes. According to the friend Jan is therapy in Switzerland and is on the mend. It should take no more drugs and no more Smoking.

The Ex-professional cyclists had rioted in August on Mallorca under drug and alcohol influence on the property of his neighbor Schweiger. Then he had spent a night in jail and a few weeks later a withdrawal began.

In the PCP Trailer for “Head Full Of Honey,” ak/, with Agency material


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