“We will announce the beginning of 2019, a decision to Facebook. We believe that Facebook dominates the relevant market,” said German cartel office chief Andreas Mundt, the “Rheinische Post”. The procedure revolves around the question of whether or not the company is forcing the customer to inappropriate terms and conditions, and by the way, how data is collected and used its market power to the detriment of the customer abused.

“Facebook is not a profit making event,” said Mundt. “The customers pay with their data, and they pay attention to advertising. If the data of the users are now more widely used and collected, as many citizens are aware of can you rate this as an abuse of a dominant market position.”

In a preliminary assessment, the cartel office had complained already about a year ago, that the world’s largest Online social network in Germany “, without limitation, any type of user collects data from third-party sources” and with the Facebook account. These include sources such as the messenger service WhatsApp and video platform Instagram, but also the websites of other operators, who have access to Facebook’s interfaces. Facebook is contrary to the assessment, to have in Germany a dominant position in the market.

, if Facebook runs are ignored

If Facebook ignore the pads, wants to attack the cartel office, however. Mundt said: “of Course, we could enforce our decisions on if you should implement a company.”

against the Online retailer Amazon launched the cartel office last year, is a procedure to check the terms and conditions of, and conduct towards other traders. “We will examine whether Amazon is dominant in the market and the marketplace for the distributors is essential,” said Mundt of the newspaper. “We have received numerous complaints that the different clauses and behaviors of the Amazon relate to because it deals with termination rights, blocking of retailers, rules on liability, the question of which court would be in the case of conflict, responsible, and much more. We now examine whether there is abuse of market power.”


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