The Arrival of the police officials of the police are not the main grounds of Stralsund, the facts of the case confirmed. By the witnesses, it was reported that a 54-year-old Stralsund has to enter in the Grünhufer Bogen the carriageway, without paying attention to vehicle traffic. He ran against a moving car. Miraculously, the pedestrian was uninjured and the car, there was no damage. The deployed police officers were not aware of this, the identity of the pedestrian. To beat here against made of the pedestrian resistance and tried to the police officers. Thereafter, the officers handcuffed him and took him to the police main station of Stralsund. His identity was established and Blood samples are performed. A previously-in led alcohol breath test had resulted in a value of 1.92 ppm. Against the pedestrian indicator because resistance was made against law enforcement officials.

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