The 40-year-old driver of a passenger car Mitsubishi sailed in the knieper Damm from the direction of Brunnenaue motorway in the direction of the old town. In a curve, they came from a previously unknown cause to the right of the roadway, collided with a curb and then a street tree. At the time of the accident and all five occupants sustained injuries and had to by ambulance in the hospitals of Stralsund and Greifswald. The 40-year-old vehicle guide-and 17-year-old passenger were taken to the hospital of Greifswald. There they were hospitalised. The three occupants of the back seat at the age of 36, 38 and 13 years, came to the hospital of Stralsund. This could leave you to outpatient treatment. At the time of the accident, the resulting damage to property amounts to EUR 5,000. -. On behalf of Jens Unmack first police Commissioner police leader main from the service control center of the police headquarters of Neubrandenburg

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