just before the confluence with the South road a deer crossed the roadway. The driver of the Mercedes ran a risk of braking almost to a halt to Avoid a collision with the deer. A 34 – year-old driver of a BMW drove directly behind the Mercedes. Because the driver of the BMW turned on at this Moment, the window heating is not on in front of him, strong brake, Mercedes stayed, he continued on. On both vehicles for a total damage of about 30000 euros. Both cars were ready to drive and were recovered by a towing service. The driver of the BMW, complained of pain in the Hand and in the chest area. He would like to independently visit a doctor.

In order Udo Koltermann PHK police leaders from the service control room, police headquarters of Neubrandenburg

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the police headquarters of Neubrandenburg, press office Nicole Chaffinch telephone: 0395/5582-2040

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