The first incident occurred on Sunday at about half past five in the Gottlob Honold-street. In the process, unknown perpetrators blew up a mail box in the air. According to a first estimate of a damage of about 150 euros. A few hours later, set fire to the Unknown a firecracker to a window of the in the Hindenburg street. On the disc, a property damage of a minimum of 1500 Euro. Witnesses to the incidents items are requested by the police Alpen GmbH, Tel. To report 07345/92900. The police headquarters Ulm, leadership and management centre, police leaders from the service (Rainer Strobl) Tel. 0731/188-1111, (2443653/2442799)

This post is the Bureau of Ulm/news provided by: police up to date. An editorial review by FOCUS Online has not taken place.

the police headquarters Ulm/news aktuell


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