logged in As the 24-Year-old, he wanted to repair this evening with a buddy the defective roller door of the workshop. As the two men came to the area in the Hainweg, they discovered that unknown offenders have illegally gained access to the garage. The intruders had smashed a pane of glass and a door jimmied.

the First Reviews, from the workshop, a compressor, a tool box, and two bucket seats were stolen. The damage, according to initial estimates, a total of several hundred euros.

information on possible perpetrators are not yet available. Also, the time of the crime is still unclear, since the workshop is used only at irregular intervals. Stuff notes on suspicious persons or vehicles to receive the CID of Kaiserslautern under the phone number 0631 / 369 – 2620 . | cri

This post is provided by: the police headquarters Westpfalz/news up to date. An editorial review by FOCUS Online has not taken place.

the police headquarters Westpfalz/news aktuell


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