at the exit of the hairpin bends of the car was probably due to inappropriate speed into a Skid. He came to the left of the roadway, slid across the oncoming lane and collided in the amount Elberfelder Straße 221 against a tree and three parked cars. The accident the driver of a BMW convertible and his co-driver were evacuated using ambulances to surrounding hospitals, were able to leave unharmed. The crashed car had to be recovered by a towing company, since he “put on edge” between the damaged cars. The Elberfelder road had to be closed for the duration of the accident record and car salvage for about 90 minutes. It is a damage to the tree, and the four cars out of a total of about 32,000 euros.

questions of media representatives/journalists, please contact:

district police authority but the police press office – Adalbert-Bach-Platz 1 40822 Mettmann

phone: 02104 / 982-1010 Fax: 02104 / 982-1028


Original Content by: the police of Mettmann, submitted by news aktuell

This post is Mettmann/news provided by: police up to date. An editorial review by FOCUS Online has not taken place.

police in Mettmann/news aktuell


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