Good strategists not to talk about your strategies, you to put it simply. Certainly not good strategists about rate changes talk, you in breast-feeding. Seen in this way, the CSU, the Quartet proves to be just as excellent strategic foursome. Prime Minister Markus Söder goes on in the role of statesman, Secretary-General Markus flower is acting the way he did it before the spring of 2018 always, as a friendly thinker. Federal Minister of the interior and party leader Horst Seehofer shows strong decision-makers, but temperate. And Landesgruppnechef Alexander Dobrindt met – decided in the matter, subtly, in the language – the role of the political impeller.

there Was what? Yes, there was something. But the CSU players are obviously determined not wild to supply to the Union of fire, the dangerous summer, and the high-risk autumn of the political Public sphere with a new material in the field of “dispute-deposits for Death-defying”. The Christian social have paid with a loss of about ten percentage points in the Landtag election and the loss of the absolute majority in Bavaria. And from now on, the Operation is “win Back trust”. To the closed meeting of the CSU parliamentary deputies from tomorrow in the monastery of Seeon, there are the first public style sample: a clear message that civil tone.

uproar as a sign of life

The political uproar for the exam was for the CSU whether or not (earlier) in Kreuth or (today) in Seeon – for decades, almost a matter of honor. So to speak, as a Christian social life of the characters. This time, however, the dispute doesn’t fit into the concept. Therefore, a year ago proclaimed “conservative Revolution has been postponed” obviously. For an indefinite period of time.

the idyllic Seeon in upper Bavaria, used this time mainly as a backdrop for the demonstrative closing of ranks of the CDU and the CSU. At least that’s the Plan. Because host Dobrindt meets Kyriakos Mitsotakis, the leader of the opposition in the Greek Parliament, and the Irish Prime Minister, Leo Varadkar, but also the new Chairman of the sister party, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer. The know what it is. Because you Start as CDU General Secretary was in the previous year, after a short time, especially to a fight for Survival “rescue the unity of the Union”. Last June, the CDU and CSU stood just before the break, Kramp stood-Karrenbauer later to the public.

New material for the movie in your head

It was a highly dramatic months. You can still see it in front of you, the deadly serious three CSU General Secretary of the flower and the recognizable angry Kramp-karrenbauer, as presented in the previous summer a formula compromise of CSU and CDU to the rejections at the border. You can still see it in front of Angela Merkel in the fall of 2015, as she was reprimanded at the beginning of the seemingly endless refugee dispute, at the CSU party Congress of Seehofer as a school girl.

FOCUS Online Unforgotten: Markus flower and Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer at the peak of the Union dispute

Now, therefore, new material must be found for the movie in your head. In Seeon, there should be the corresponding images, beautiful pictures. Friendly Dobrindt meet nice Kramp-Karrenbauer – in the district of Traunstein, the of all will succeed in likely on Saturday, on the third day of the CSU-meeting in the convent.

restarting with a new party chief

on 19. January Söder Seehofer as party leader, could facilitate the Transition to a new, more harmonious times. Domestically, the ACC is already largely CSU-compatible. It has been set as a Prime Minister of the Saar, the anchor center for refugees in asylum decisions under one roof.

Kramp-Karrenbauer is interrupted because of the meeting in the monastery of your holiday in order to, actually until next Wednesday. Already Friday you travel. The big party is yet another, a telling Signal in the direction of little sister: Manfred Weber of the CSU-politician who goes in may as the top candidate for the EPP into the race, at the same time be a kind of the top candidate of the CDU. At the previous European election, the CDU in addition to Jean-Claude-Juncker as a national top candidate David McAllister. And: When the program is the CSU can be expected after this time on your Extra-compendium, the “Bayern-Plan”; it is aiming at, in fact, a common electoral program. Union – a Name is program.

soldiers are supposed to have free travel

the members of The Bundestag, the CSU want to put in the thing in their retreat, some of the signals: they plead for a Europe-wide monitoring system for offenders, to strengthen the Pushing for the end of the “chain of experience”, and you want to ask – if the data contains anything other than undisputed protectors – DNA analysis and fingerprint to be legally equal.

In the financial policy of the CSU parliamentarians propose a “tax brake” as “a firewall against the tax burden”. Really clear is how All this should work; as a principle of signal but the idea is in the CSU clientele. And also this will probably appeal to many followers, Until the fall of 2025 should be available for defense to 60 billion euros. The Bavarian Union members want to enforce that soldiers be able to use the Uniform without charge to the public local and long – distance transport. A well-known CSU-classic is also still in the package for Seeon: “mothers’ pension III” is the name of it in the current version. Still half a pension point to get mothers who have received prior to 1992, children. Then there would be no difference to younger parents. So much of the CSU autonomy must be.

Keeps the harmony, also at Söder and Dobrindt?

How far beyond monastic refreshment and new harmony need to carry the Union it will show only in the long term. Because the Interaction of the two CSU matadors Söder and Dobrindt is not necessarily voltage-free. Actually, the two do not like each other very much. Possibly, but there are for the different Duo something like a simple natural division of labour: Söder “power”, mainly in Munich, Dobrindt mainly Berlin. Since Franke is head of a government in Munich, whose expansive urge in recognizable boundaries. Perhaps, as some in the CSU, speculate it comes Söder even located, if Dobrindt is now full of ambition to the business of the Federal capital. Söder despised the political Orbit of Berlin – because he likes to treat Dobrindt his Job. From the bottom of my heart.

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