In the “image”newspaper reported to-date and cited examples of Facebook groups. Refugees have opened up in closed Facebook groups, “a huge badge flea market”, where it is claimed. But is that true? FOCUS Online asked the Federal police, the Federal office for Migration and refugees as well as Facebook. Here are the most important questions and answers.

1. Refugees sell really German documents on Facebook?

Yes, the phenomenon is real. As one of the first German media “Spiegel had reported that” already in the spring of this year that refugees sell their country, people, identity documents, or you leave. According to the report, this happens particularly often in the case of refugees, leaving the EU again and about back to travel to Syria. In transit countries like Turkey or Greece, some give more then, apparently, your documents, with which the country people to enter try. With documents is traded not only in closed but in accessible to the public Facebook groups.

such A group, in the spring, the dpa news Agency reported, translated means “return migration from Europe to Turkey” – and it is still online. In addition to “normal” Postings, such as the search of long-lost Relatives can find lots of offers there how to sell “German passport”.

On FOCUS-Online-demand, a Facebook spokeswoman said that in the “image”report is referred to closed groups have been reviewed and now no longer be achievable. The spokeswoman said the publicly accessible group will now be reviewed. We work together with law enforcement agencies around the world, to illegal activities such as card trading, to prevent people-smuggling, or about the activities of trafficking organisations on Facebook. Worldwide, approximately 30,000 Facebook staff took care of safety issues. In addition, the company is investing in new technologies that can better identify which violate Facebook’s guidelines.

In Germany it is forbidden to leave other people an identification document, if it is to be expected that this drives abuse. Try is as a “misuse of identity documents” is a punishable offence and can be punished with money or imprisonment.

2. Travel refugees with the documents of others?

Yes, this is coming – and the Federal government knows the Problem. In a response in March to a parliamentary question of the AfD group in the Bundestag, “The Federal government are the General findings, according to which Travel documents for refugees and persons for illegal entry to Germany, disposed of or sold, the to the travel document holder in a similar see.”

A travel document is a document that can refugees be issued, recognised in accordance with the Geneva Convention. The travel document is considered to be a substitute for the passport – for example, if the refugee could not apply for the Regime that followed him, just like a passport, without bringing themselves in danger. With such a travel document, you can enter in many countries, including Germany, without a visa. The Federal office of justice As the travel document for refugees from the Federal office of justice For the travel document Erika mustermann to Cleopatre DOE

3. How big is the Problem?

writes The “image”, refugees who wanted to enter the country with foreign documents to Germany, to fly away “ever more frequently”. As an example the sheet is called 554 of such cases in the year 2017, without naming a source, or a Comparison that could make the alleged Trend (“increasingly”).

On request by FOCUS Online, the Federal police confirmed that it was in the year 2017, in the case of immigration controls “554 misused travel documents”. “Misuse” means, the documents were not fake, do not belong to the alleged owners. 100 of these documents had been issued by German authorities shall notify the Federal police. Among the papers, both Travel documents for refugees, as well as other documents.

In the current year the Figures are on a similar level as in 2017: From January to November 2018, the Federal police 499 found “misused” travel documents. Of these, 97 were issued by the German authorities.

so, One can say: The Problem and the Federal police is well known. A marked increase is, however, at least in the case of the known cases is not apparent.

4. What are the German authorities doing about it?

does the Federal police: In the case of immigration controls, but also in “normal” controls, for example, at railway stations, the officials identification documents, check their authenticity and also whether the owner can actually be the owner. As a spokeswoman said, compare the officials, firstly, whether the face actually fits the ID photo. Secondly, the Federal police uses facial biometrics. A Software compares a digital image of the Patient with the image on his card.

does the Federal office for Migration and refugees (Bamf): The Bamf checks in the asylum procedure, submitted the original documents, as a spokesperson to FOCUS told Online demand. The certificate of examination, therefore, is in three stages: Submission to the preliminary examination in the BAMF-outdoor and arrival centers by trained personnel, tampering is suspected, the documents in the Bamf Headquarters in Nuremberg. There is an in-depth Review.

the suspicion, that the documents Substantiated abuse, according to the Bamf level three, the examination by document experts with special training by the Federal criminal police office. As the Federal office informs, can be used the findings of these experts in court.

Will found a Manipulation, the head of the Bamf, the appropriate outcome of the investigation to the police authorities, then for the investigation to be responsible.

5. Is rejected the asylum application, if an applicant submits forged or “foreign” papers?

Not necessarily, informed the Bamf on FOCUS-Online-demand. This will be taken into account in the asylum procedure, “such as clue for the credibility of the described reasons for Flight”. Fake or false documents would “automatically lead to a negative decision, because the Federal office is legally obliged to take into account the individual risk for return in the appropriate country-of-origin”. For example, there are cases in which refugees could be your home country by using fake passports to leave.

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