finally, Miguel Ángel Gil Marín, CEO of Atlético Madrid spoke out clearly against a Winter Transfer of Lucas Hernández: “The player can not leave Atlético Madrid this winter transfer period. (…)”

“We have a good relationship with the FC Bayern and will meet in January with them, in order to assess the Situation. If the player wants to switch, we will talk about it – but only one exchange in July.”

Lucas Hernández: change in the Winter?

now bring a report to the Spanish “Marca” the new vortex in the personnel – and how! , Therefore, it could possibly but in the Winter, a change of the 22-year-old defender.

The Background: The report, according to Hernández, with the FC Bayern into the Winter is to travel to training camp in Doha. 4. to 10. In January, the Munich prepare in the capital of Qatar on the all-important second round. The sheet refers to sources that are close to the FC Bayern.

Hernández talks about the Transfer of

recently, Hernández has commented on a possible change: “I feel good in Madrid and Spain, where all great confidence in me. But in football there are a lot of Demands and I will consider, as always, the Pros and cons to help you make the best possible decision for me, my family and the Rest of my career,” said the Frenchman in an Interview with “Le Figaro”.

And further: “in Europe There are many clubs that make me Dream, but I’m not going to say what they are. I’m in Madrid, but if I have to go tomorrow because I have a project interested in, I’ll think about it.”

In his up to 2024 ongoing contract should be an exit clause that could pull of the FC Bavaria for € 80 million. Thus, the French world champion would be the most expensive Transfer in the club’s history.

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