“A complete abolition of the Solis, as it calls for the Union, would cost the Federal budget of 11.5 billion euros and, above all, top earners such as the Dax Board members, top lawyers, head doctors, or government Ministers,” said Deputy SPD leader Ralf Stegner of the “Augsburger Allgemeine” (Friday edition) “The Chairman of the Board of the 30 DAX-listed companies are likely to look forward to, on average, a tax reduction of EUR 140 000 in the year,” said the social Democrat.

“According to the plans of the Union, future households would be affected by large savings and to Fund important measures such as the stabilization of the pension levels are difficult,” said the SPD politician. “Projects such as the Digital compact for schools or the Federal funding for the Expansion of early childhood care, would be compromised,” he added.

low-income earners and the middle class are stressed are relieved

Stegner, his party poche would like to abolish the coalition agreement: “The SPD, the solidarity surcharge as of the year 2021 for 90 percent of Payers and payer. Only the absolute top earners to continue to contribute.“ Those who have less than 61 000 euros of taxable income a year will be exempt from the solos completely. “We not only relieve the burden on low-income earners, but the broad middle class.”

The revenue from the remaining solidarity surcharge, would be urgently needed: “According to the plans of the SPD could be erected each year more than 25 000 flats out of the income and the Expansion of rural infrastructure to be promoted,” said Stegner. This was clearly not the better Plan.

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