In 15 years of coffee research, I’ve read studies about studies about coffee. It quickly dawned on me that coffee has an unfairly sometimes bad Image. Earlier the first Council of the family doctor was often the case of any complaint, to try it with coffee waiver.

these were the 1970s, people have been Smoking a lot and drinking, and the latest studies show that at the time, with the enjoyment of coffee linked to complaints arising at all from coffee, but from the real-life drugs such as alcohol and cigarettes.

What scientists have published in order to Robin Poole from England last year, came to me from my year-long research is already known. The English study confirmed one-to-one, which had indicated to my former study results: coffee is a Jack of all trades.

mind you, no one will be cured immediately, if he drinks coffee, and Vice versa, no one is sick, if he doesn’t drink coffee. What can show these studies only, is Not to suffer if the risk of coffee drinkers in certain diseases compared to non-coffee drinkers will be higher or lower. Because one thing is clear: Every human being has a certain degree of risk, that in the course of his life any of the more than 10,000 known diseases, suffer, and every life come to an end. But coffee seems to have an amazing effect on our body.

coffee helps, for example, to reduce the risk of liver diseases, and also certain heart diseases and cancer has drink coffee proved helpful. And coffee drinkers suffer less frequently from Alzheimer’s disease or Parkinson’s disease. These are good news for all coffee drinkers. About the experts

Malte Rubach nutritionist and book author. His doctoral work, he has made in the field of coffee research at the Technical University of Munich. Today lives and works in Munich.

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coffee with or without caffeine order?

You know by now, the caffeine plays an important role in the aforementioned diseases, to reduce the risk. However, in many studies, scientists have found that even decaffeinated coffee is effective. The effects are somewhat weaker than in the case of caffeine-containing coffee, but it happens still something.

Why? Well, Yes, in the coffee drink each lot of antioxidants are included, all the chlorogenic acid. A long time experts thought that she was responsible for incompatibilities, but in the last ten years, you found out that this is the truth. Chlorogenic acids are also important for the coffee taste, but on top of that, also extremely effective against free radicals. These are small aggressive molecules present in every human body. Our body is usually very well done, but sometimes not. Therefore, the antioxidants from the food benefits us also, when our body falters.

coffee varieties, Robusta and Arabica

Up to five cups of coffee according to the current state is optimal. It is different coffee varieties, Robusta and Arabica. Robusta coffees contain more caffeine and chlorogenic acid, what is bad, as we know now. For some people, he is then too strong and the taste is significantly different from Arabica coffee, depending on taste preference may be a pure Robusta coffee.

These often come from Vietnam, what offers in the coffee shelf is also a good orientation. But both Robusta as well as Arabica beans can vary in “strength”.


experiment Secondly, the “strength” of coffee is logically connected to the content of caffeine and chlorogenic acid, but what is the preparation now contains most of these two beneficial ingredients? Well, it depends, as always, on the dose, that is, how much coffee powder is brewed with as much water. The more powder in proportion to water, the more so.

There are very many coffee preparations. With milk or without. With much or little water. And then the Espresso preparations. But if you like, you can with coffee, and the amount of water to the home start to experiment with what tastes good, is well tolerated and most of the good ingredients from the black powder out. Best offer on

1000 different ingredients in coffee

coffee, I realized quickly, is not an easy thing. Coffee is very complex. How should I find out in about 1000 different substances in the coffee beverage which makes coffee the most popular drink in Germany, before the water, beer and tea? And something is actually on the many rumors that he was unhealthy and stimuli the stomach? The truth is, as always, in need of explanation. Let’s go through it sequentially and begin with the most famous ingredient: caffeine.

During my experiments, I have examined various ingredients, individually and in combination. In retrospect, I must say, there were ridiculously few ingredients, just seven of more than 1000, but the number of experiments seemed to me to be gigantic, because the combination of these seven substances are offered over 100 opportunities there are to test.

The seven substances, the usual Suspects, which is supposed to make the stomach of coffee drinkers to acid, including caffeine and chlorogenic acid. Quickly, it was clear that a Particularly strong stomach, cells in the Experiment reacted when caffeine was present in the Mix. The Rest did its part, but the caffeine was overpowering.

Makes caffeine addictive?

but This is true also and especially for the effect it has on our brain. Caffeine provides indirectly for the fact that we are slower, tired, or in other words, no longer awake. It engages in the communication of our brain cells by blocking the action of a tired maker. The tired makers of is called adenosine, and is eventually paid out automatically when our body says we should come to rest. Caffeine brings, so to speak, a few meters out, on the way to get Tired.

So far So good, but many people have been asking because of this effect, whether caffeine can be addictive as other substances that Wake up effect, too? Clear all-clear: The European food safety authority indicates that 400 milligrams of caffeine a day is completely safe when it comes to our health. A Cup with 100 milliliters of coffee contains between 50 to 60 milligrams.

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