The “Shutdown” will deal with the new US Congress comes in on Thursday to his first meeting in the new constellation. Point of contention is the funding of the Long US President Donald Trump of the required wall on the border to Mexico. Trump had invited the leaders of the Democrats and Republicans from the Congress for the late Wednesday evening German time to the White house, so you can be there from experts the Department of homeland security for border security.

Whether such a meeting would bring movement, but was considered questionable. The positions of both sides are so far.

Why it’s now Trump even harder

And now it is even more difficult: this Thursday the balance of power changed in Congress. Although the Senate remains in the hands of the Republicans, in the house of representatives but the opposition Democrats have the majority.

The Democrats want to Start the new constellation, on Thursday introducing a bill into the house of representatives to end the government shutdown. The front woman of the Democrats in the chamber, Nancy Pelosi announced in a circular to the deputies.

The Trump demanded five billion dollars for the wall are not included. According to the “Washington Post” includes the bill of the Democrats, only the existing funds for border fences and other security measures in the amount of 1.3 billion dollars.

Not the end of the #trump shut down in view

Pelosi, who wants to leave on Thursday to the Chairman of the house of representatives to choose, wrote on Twitter: “Trump has given the Democrats a great opportunity to show how we can govern responsibly and quickly, our projects, and to end the irresponsible #trump shut down.”

the design of the Democrats in the – of Trumps Republican-dominated Senate could get the necessary majority, but is considered unlikely. This is unclear when and how the Shutdown could end.

Reasonable border security is missing – according to Trump

The White house the template of the Democrats rejected as unusable. Pelosis draft would not end the “Shutdown”, because it does not provide reasonable border security, said the spokesperson of the White house, Sarah Sanders. Trump had made the Democrats a serious, and my offer to end the stalemate. The Democrats were not discussed, but would have refused a compromise.

trump’s new chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney, had already declared on the second day of the “shutdown”, the government had proposed a sum to be below the previously of Trump demanded five billion dollars.

What is the reason for the “Shutdown”?

Shortly before Christmas, a budget was entered into lock for several Federal ministries in power, because of a lack budget act for these areas. Trump had refused to pass a law to sign, if not five billion dollars for the border wall would be provided.

The Democrats reject trump’s request. Because of the “Shutdowns” are fucking hundreds of thousands of government servants on forced holiday or need to for the time being, working without a salary.

Why is Trump the wall to Mexico so important?

Trump had promised his followers, already in the presidential campaign, a wall to Mexico. Actually Mexico should pay according to his will. That Trump is now demanding billions from Congress for the construction of the wall, had caused a great deal of ridicule and criticism. On Wednesday the President on Twitter wrote that Mexico pay for the wall by the new trade agreement with the country. The requested five billion dollars were already “very little” in comparison to the benefits of a wall for national security.

The US government has sealed off under Trump the Mexico border against migrants, and the rate against protection seekers increased drastically. In the case of an incident at the border, U.S. officials were on Wednesday night again used tear gas. Around 150 migrants tried to overcome a border fence near San Diego in California, such as the U.S. customs and border protection announced.

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