love can be found, theoretically, from anywhere. However, statistically, the Chance in some cities is significantly higher. A study was given by the Online Portal Movinga in order, shows which international cities are particularly suitable for amorous meetings. This study examined a number of factors. For example, what is the Single-proportion of women and men and the Single-proportion in different age groups.

the relationship between marriage and divorce rate flowed into the rating, as well as the openness to Gay-, Lesbian-, bisexual -, and Transgender-sexuality (LGBT). Bonus points, there was also a generally positive attitude towards Sex and how cheap or expensive, the average cost for a classic Date with a Restaurant and cinema visit. Surveys among female and male urban dwellers and their preferences were also included in the study.

Open for Sex Miami

first place, Therefore, to Miami in terms of love is the best City in the world. Thanks to the open to the world climate and the high Single percentage of 58 percent, the city offers an ideal Terrain for adventure – even if the average prices for a Date with dinner, movie and Drinks at 103 euros, and therefore more expensive. Interesting: While women primarily want Fidelity from their Partner, men especially, sex appeal at the top of the list.

The Top Ten at a Glance:

  • seat 1: Miami,
  • place 2: London
  • 3rd place: Göteborg
  • seat 4: Paris
  • seat 5: New York City
  • seat 6: Stockholm
  • seat 7: Barcelona
  • seat 8: Chicago
  • 9th place: San Francisco
  • 10: Berlin
  • 11:
  • 12: Los Angeles
  • 13th place: Rio de Janeiro
  • 14: Amsterdam
  • 15: Boston
  • 16: Lyon
  • 17: nice,
  • 18: Malmö
  • 19: Reykiavik
  • 20: Munich, Germany
  • Other German cities: in 22nd place in Hamburg, 27th Frankfurt, space 55 of Düsseldorf

In second place is London: The city on the river Thames also offers a high-Single-share and a open-minded, liberal climate – in terms of sexuality. The divorce rate is 34 percent. Even if the city is extremely expensive – an average date will cost 104 Euro seems to be the city in matters of Dating and love, to be perfect. The survey showed also that honesty is for both women and for men the most important factor in a love relationship. FOCUS ONLINE DATING

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Gothenburg in third place – with an extremely high rate of divorce

The Swedish Gothenburg is located on place three. Due to the extremely high divorce rate of over 55 percent, there is a high number of Singles in the higher age groups over 30, 40 and 50. Ideal Terrain for all 40 + candidates. What women and men in Gothenburg is a Partner in the most important: intelligence.

/iStockphoto/pixelfit Paris – the city of love is currently number 4

the four of Paris the city of love, which is regarded as the romantic metropolis, number one. No wonder, because more than half the population – 55 percent – are Single. The divorce rate is about 33 percent. Although the city has a slightly lower Score in terms of Gay-, Lesbian-, bisexual -, and Transgender-openness of 7.4 (Miami has a 8.1 out of a total of 10 points), but the residents rate Sex far more positive than other cities in the Ranking.

the Best German city is Berlin on the 10th place

On the 10th place in Berlin with a high proportion of Singles by 58 percent, as well as an extremely high divorce rate of over 55 percent. The Ranking classifies our capital as a world-open and LGBT-friendly. Another advantage is that With an average price of 70,49 euros, a Date suggests considerably cheaper to book than in all the other cities in the Top Ten.

/iStockphoto/LeoPatrizi Berlin occupies the 10th place in the global Ranking

Other German cities in the Ranking: Munich on 20th place, Hamburg place 22, Frankfurt on the 27th and Düsseldorf on square 55. Striking: The divorce rates are in Frankfurt and Hamburg is considerably higher than in the other German cities in the Ranking: namely, 40 and 44 percent. Opodo (display) your holiday – as low as never before!

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