had to defend themselves against the accusation that his “respect-pension” is a billion-dollar gift to seniors – the cost of which would have to bear, especially the younger Generation. In addition, healing was in the air of the an exceptional offer.

to change The guest invited to the cleaning power Susanne for FR offered to the Minister of labour, a day with her Job. For FR came as data of the current pension system. In principle, you agree with salvation plans, and finally you would have the extra money for something quiet to sleep, as you said in the ARD talk show. However, it was clear, too: For the pension for FR could not save your current merit of 1100 Euro. “Any normal person knows that you can’t tear with a lot of money,” lamented the cleaning power.

salvation is the promise

The current System is fundamentally wrong: “We need to have reasonable wages, then the people are also reasonable in the pension Fund.” There is no wage increase, the debate would also be conducted in 20 years. Their political demands could be addressed for FR soon, directly to the politicians in the Bundestag. At least, when Hubertus complies with healing in his promise, he has delivered in the “Hard but fair”-final round.

Plasberg wanted to know from his guests, with whom the present you for a week would have to change and why. For FR quickly responded: “Lord’s salvation”. As a healing to the series was, he said: “a woman for FR, I wanted to suggest that we swap really times a day. This is serious.”

Now a woman for FR before moving weeks. After all, this was not the only offer that was submitted this evening. “Cicero”-in-chief, Christoph Schwennicke offered her, a week as editor-in-chief to hire.

In the FOCUS Online/Wochit IMF wants to tax the cash best: Hans-Werner Sinn warns of the exploitation of savers vw


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