The mountain rescue service Berchtesgaden was able to save the Chinese, according to information from the Bavarian Red cross from Sunday with the help of two helicopters. The woman had dropped on Saturday night, an emergency call, but could not say exactly where you started, where you wanted to go, and where it was.

During the extensive search, a group of the mountain discovered waking up a Footprint in the snow, which ended in the trackless slope to a steep gully. The Team of an ambulance from rappelled to the woman.

The Chinese had, meanwhile, kept contact by phone to the rescue forces, so that the crew of the helicopter “Edelweiss 6” could also be from the air places. Stack of gathering mist made it difficult, however, the recovery measures before the woman was brought to the Salzburg emergency hospital where Doctors took care of them.

FOCUS Online/Glomex Video shows gaping giant column on the high bird nuclear power plant/Reuters


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