a prerequisite for success, however, is a “clear management structure. Especially not anyone is allowed to implement his ideas and on his own authority, the defenses change, how to have Hendrik Pekeler and Patrick Wiencek last January during the EM done,” says Brand.

Germany had to cope “with the pressure and from the home setting to benefit”.

“As the national coach is unglauwürdig…”

One of the tasks of national coach Christian Prokop was to manage the internal discussions made it clear that calls of fire: “He can’t take on every consideration and then do things by halves, otherwise he will lose credibility. He is the national coach, and he’s got to go your own way.”

Brand strengthens the according to the EM to the public and also internally in the criticism concerning Procopius the back: “I think he has drawn the Lessons from the EM.”

Wiencek, a leading player?

In Prokop’s world Cup squad is a lack of fire however, the lead player. “A real leader has not yet emerged,” says the once best defensive player in the world.

keel circle runner and Defender Patrick Wiencek was “in a combative point of view and as of the physical stature of a candidate. If he is, however, this leadership player who also makes time announcements, and the pace of the game is determined, and as a guy just in front marches, is doubtful.”

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