Russia and Iran from expanding their regional influence. Is right criticized the American decision, 2000 withdraw soldiers from Syria, without consultation with the allies was made, with disastrous consequences for the Kurdish fighters of the YPG and the territorial security of Israel is a burden.

The culprit: Trump!

The culprit for this development is quickly identified: President Trump, who decided against the urgent advice of his military and security advisers in a call with President Erdogan this decision. Surprised you should not be. We know by now that he decides on this type. In addition, he has already announced in April 2018, to want to withdraw troops. About the experts

Prof. Dr. Thomas Jäger holds the chair for International politics and foreign policy at the University of Cologne since 1999. His research interests are in international relations, and American and German foreign policy.

For all the criticism of Trump and the USA, but it is overlooked, to pay tribute to the German and European policy on Syria. Anyway, as far as I see it, and if something is missed, I am happy about the advice in the comments. The German policy on Syria, the migration policy has not least due to great domestic political importance, wavered longer between two positions: one view was that it would be with Assad’s no future for Syria, because the continuance of his Power, would mean the restoration of a terror apparatus. The other said, that would push Assad to the negotiating peace to end the violence and, therefore, so disturbing, this is just negotiations with the Regime must lead.

the conflict was a military

decided, Both positions have proven to be more than pure illusions, as then dreamed foreign policy Because, at the latest, as the military escalation in the willingness of Russia in Syria was bigger and sharper than that of the United States, it was clear that the conflict the military is decided. The countries of the EU played no role and were available as extras on the side line. Alone, the announcement of the withdrawal of the American soldiers has brought, therefore, the power balance is completely shaken. Turkey, Iran, Russia and Syria are pushing to improve their Position. Germany and the EU-States, while Syria’s political positions, but they were hollow. No one had to take note of, and that is why you noticed no one.

Assad for peace

force the Position that President Assad should be forced to negotiate. The need to increase, so the Argument was that the pressure on Assad so massive that he beidreht to a political solution through negotiations. So right specifically, no one was, if it was to clarify who “you” is. The former US President, Obama could not be meant of kept out of it. As under the leadership of President Trump military retaliation against the Regime of Assad were held, because it had used chemical weapons against the population, were involved in a number of European countries. But that was strategically and militarily ineffective and aimed never to put more than a Symbol: Trump wanted to show that he is implementing, where Obama has chickened out. Some of the European heads of government wanted to show that you are militarily capable of, where the German notching. To put Assad under pressure, not able to the European countries.

Assad has won with the help of Iran and Russia in the war

in the Meantime, the situation is clarified. President Assad will lead on the shoulders of Russia and Iran standing negotiations from a Position of strength. The rule of Assad over the Syrian territory is now made even with the support of his former opponent, calling his troops against the Turkey to help. First Arab countries to open their embassies in Damascus. President Assad will soon be in the ranks of the Arab League welcomed.

It will be interesting how the European countries when it comes to in the future reconstruction of Syria. In concrete terms, Is to be executed with tax money from Europe Assad’s rule, after the European G7-States had not yet set in 2017, is clear on his replacement? The European countries had during the war in Syria, no common strategy, Yes not even to a common goal. How will they behave after the war?

In the Bit Project, a US think-tank, and raises the Alarm: “Our Navy would fail in case of an emergency”


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